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August 7th, 2013
When heartthrob finalist Chris Siegfried met with designer Neil Lane to select an engagement ring for “The Bachelorette” Desiree Hartsock, he was immediately drawn to the beauty, symbolism and Old World charm of an unusual handcrafted design with entwined bands of platinum and rose gold, according to


The ring features a large cushion-cut center diamond encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. More than 200 diamonds are incorporated into the flowing vine-like design for a total of 3.5 carats. The ring is reportedly worth $75,000.

Siegfried got down on bended knee and presented the vintage-style diamond ring to Hartsock on Monday night’s emotional finale of ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” The two-hour program and one-hour after-show was viewed by nearly 9 million teary-eyed fans.


"I want to be your first and I want to be your last. Will you marry me?" Siegfried asked. Hartsock accepted the ring and gave him the final rose. They embraced, they kissed — a happy ending to a turbulent season that almost ended with The Bachelorette going home alone and broken-hearted.


After last week’s episode, many viewers feared that Hartsock would leave the show. She had been “devastated” and “blindsided” when her first choice, Brooks Forester, revealed that he wasn’t ready to make a commitment. But, instead of abandoning her quest for love, she decided to move forward with the two men still vying for her affection — Siegfried and Drew Kenney.

bachelorette2 reported that Lane arrived in Antigua with six engagement ring options for the final two suitors. One of the rings featured rose gold embellishments, and that’s the one that caught Siegfried’s attention. Apparently, he preferred a style that was romantic, feminine and sophisticated, and the rose gold ring was the perfect match.

Explaining the symbolism behind the platinum-and-rose gold design, the designer told, “The ring entwines the bands into one, just as Des and Chris are two people wrapped into one couple and forever entwined. It’s beautiful.”

When Siegfried was picking out the ring, he reportedly told Lane that he was so excited that “on a scale from one to 100, I’m a 101.”