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February 10th, 2021
The internet has been buzzing about Martha Stewart's blinged-out French Bulldogs. Crème Brûlée and Bête Noire recently wore what appeared to be diamond collars to their owner's online press conference to launch a new line of CBD-infused, soft-baked treats — for dogs.

The high-profile queen of cooking and crafts is said to have a net worth of $400 million, so it is not too far fetched to believe that the pampered pooches were wearing actual diamonds.

Stewart shared snaps of the event with her Instagram fans, who were quick to comment about the canine collars.

“Where did those beautiful jeweled collars for the girls come from?” inquired dogmama52.

“Van Cleef or Cartier. I cannot remember!!” Stewart replied.

Commenting on the same post, a wave of Stewart's Instagram followers praised the domestic diva for how she treats her pups.

"All good dogs get Martha as their dog mom in their next life!" commented mazygillis.

"In my next life, I am going to be Martha’s dog!" added hollydanyliw.

Meanwhile, various online celebrity outlets attempted to confirm whether the diamond dog collars were, indeed, purchased from Van Cleef or Cartier.

"I can confirm these are not Van Cleef pieces and the Maison does not make any dog collars or do any special orders," a Van Cleef spokesperson told

Cartier has yet to respond to's inquiry.

While Crème Brûlée's collar is dripping with stones that look very much like diamonds, the stones in Bête Noire's collar display a rainbow of colors — a characteristic of cubic zirconia, not diamonds.

So, are the doggies wearing diamonds? Only Stewart knows for sure.

While the 79-year-old Stewart is best known for her culinary and craft skills, she's also a devoted dog mom. According to, the French Bulldogs share Stewart's home with two Chow Chows, Emperor Han and Empress Qin.

Stewart claims that her new line of CBD-infused dog treats supports mental and physical well-being, reduces the effects of everyday stress and helps to maintain joint health and mobility. CBD is the active ingredient in cannabis.

Credits: Photos via Instagram / MarthaStewart48.