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November 21st, 2013
Montanan Miles Steinbach pulled off a monumental marriage proposal last week when he plowed the massive words “Liva – Will You Marry Me?” in his family’s cornfield and then convinced his girlfriend — who is afraid of flying — to view his handiwork from a prop plane.


Twenty-year-old Olivia “Liva” Campbell nearly missed what she called her “out of a movie” proposal because of a tight work schedule and persistent “aerophobia,” but in the end all the pieces came together perfectly in Big Sky Country.


Steinbach had told Campbell that he needed to take aerial photos of the ranch and asked that she come along to assist. After some prodding, she reluctantly agreed to take the short flight in their friend's prop plane.

As the airborne couple neared their destination, Campbell noticed an odd discoloration in one of the fields.


“We started to get closer and I saw the word ‘marry’ and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh this can’t be happening. This stuff doesn’t happen to me,’” Campbell told “I turned around and Miles was holding a ring and smiling at me and said, ‘Will you marry me?’ I was, of course, screaming and said, 'Yes.'”

With the help of his uncle and a GPS device, Steinbach, a 23-year-old rancher, neatly carved the giant lettering into a cornfield near Bowman's Corner west of Great Falls.

The field was ready for the romantic fly-over about a month ago, but the fickle Montana weather, Campbell’s work schedule and her fear of flying kept delaying the opportunity to get in the air. Campbell told that she is still shaking from the excitement of her "out of a movie" marriage proposal.

Campbell and Steinbach have been together for four years and plan to get married in 2015, the same year as Campbell’s college graduation.