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July 18th, 2013
Back in May, Savannah Guthrie thrilled her 4.5 million “Today Show” viewers with a peek at her brand new diamond engagement ring. What the newly betrothed “Today” co-host didn’t tell her audience was that the impressive four-prong dazzler — given to her by media consultant Mike Feldman — was too big for her finger and that she wrapped a Band-Aid around the shank so it wouldn’t slip off.


During her Monday night appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” Guthrie admitted that she wore her ring that way for six weeks, forgoing a proper resizing at her favorite jeweler. The Band-Aid-wrapped bauble was annoying and uncomfortable, causing Guthrie to take it off frequently.

And here’s where the story takes a scary turn…


Guthrie told Leno that one afternoon while she was home she realized the ill-fitting diamond engagement ring had gone missing.

“I looked high and low, everywhere you could look,” she said. “The panic was rising up. I called work and asked: 'Can you please look in my office? Maybe I left it there.'“ She had already thought about the kitchen's sink drain and trash can, but she wasn’t at "desperation level" so she wasn’t ready to go there.

But when the office search came up empty, the Australian-born journalist said she finally reached “desperation level.”

"I stuck my hand down the drain. It's like guacamole and bean dip or whatever, but no ring," she told an amused Leno. "So I open up the trash and start rifling through it. Do you know, it fell out of a paper towel in the trash?"


Referring to her new fiancé and with her smile morphing into a devilish grin, she added, "So then I was like, 'Do I tell him?'"

"No, don't tell him,” Leno joked. “I think it would be wrong if he found out."

Leno’s top-rated telecast has a daily viewership of 3.4 million, although it's not clear if Guthrie's beloved Feldman watches the show.