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June 10th, 2013
Set with 243 diamonds and tipping the scales at a hefty 380 grams (more than three-quarters of a pound), the Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl XLVII rings are over-the-top in every way. Members of the 2012 team, which beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 to capture the franchise's second championship, received their impressive bling on Friday night during a private ceremony at the team’s training complex. The 2012 ring is far bigger and more ornate than the one designed for the team in 2000.


Wearing the 2012 ring on his left hand and the 2000 edition on his right, recently retired all-star linebacker Ray Lewis told the Associated Press: "There's no better way to go out. I can hold this the rest of my life and know I went out as champ."


While acknowledging the symbolism behind the ring, Super Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Flacco tried to wrap his head around the practical side of showing it off. "It's kind of un-wearable," he joked.


Designed by Jostens with the help of team owner Steve Bisciotti, Flacco and Lewis, the 10-karat white gold ring has yellow gold accents and a diamond total weight of 3.75 carats. The face of the oval ring looks like a diamond-encrusted stadium adorned with the symbols of both the Ravens and the National Football League.

The Baltimore Ravens’ logo is outlined with 40 round brilliant-cut diamonds, and the stylized “B” stands out in contrasting yellow gold as it sits atop a custom-cut purple amethyst stone. The beak of the raven is designed in white gold and the eye is colored in red enamel.

Since this is the team’s second championship, two Vince Lombardi Trophies adorn the face of the ring. The trophies are topped with .75-carat marquise-cut diamonds that mimic the shape of a football. The words "Word Champions" surround the left and right border.


On the left side of the ring is the player’s name in white gold against a ground of black enamel. Below the name is the Ravens’ shield, along with the team slogan, “Play Like a Raven.” Below the shield is the player’s number. On Flacco's ring, it says "MVP."

The right side of the ring features the year 2012 in yellow gold, accented with 39 round diamonds. Below the year is the official Super Bowl XLVII logo.

Engraved inside the ring is the team’s mantra, “The team. The team. The team,” as well as the scores of the four playoff games that the Ravens won to earn their championship. The logo of the opponent is next to each score.